Experienced game writer, narrative designer and editor

Giles Armstrong is a Writers’ Guild award-nominated writer, narrative designer and editor for video games.

Giles has worked in the games industry since 2007, with contributions to more than 50 titles in various capacities, writing for blockbuster ‘AAA’ productions, award-winning indie games, and immersive virtual reality projects.

He most recently wrote for Guerrilla Games, makers of the BAFTA-winning Horizon Zero Dawn. Before that he wrote for Eidos-Montréal on an unannounced project, and co-founded Talespinners with Ian Thomas.

His previous projects include the BAFTA-winning My Child Lebensborn, the TIGA award-winning Velocity 2X, and The Spectrum Retreat - for which Giles received a Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards nomination for ‘Best Writing in a Video Game’.


Featured Projects

Senior Writer | Unannounced Project  Developed by Guerrilla Games | All details TBA

Senior Writer | Unannounced Project
Developed by Guerrilla Games | All details TBA


Lead Writer | The Spectrum Retreat
Developed by Dan Smith Studios | Published by Ripstone

Nominated for ‘Best Writing in a Video Game’ in the WGGB Awards 2019

Senior Writer (Contract) | Unannounced Project  Developed by Eidos Montréal | All details TBA

Senior Writer (Contract) | Unannounced Project
Developed by Eidos Montréal | All details TBA


Editor | My Child Lebensborn
Developed and published by Sarepta Studio and Teknopilot

WINNER for ‘Game Beyond Entertainment’ in the BAFTA Games Awards 2019





Giles and I set up Talespinners together and his writing was key to our success. He'll doggedly dive deep into a story to find the emotional core, even if it's non-obvious, and then will do everything he can to reflect that in the characters and dialogue. He acts as a champion for narrative depth in a game, and will make sure that every word has a layer of polish and nuance. He isn't afraid to make practical changes to a story that will enhance the whole game experience. And what's more, he's a thoroughly nice chap! I'd recommend working with him.

Ian Thomas
Partner and Founder of Talespinners


I've been lucky enough to work with Giles on several games now and every single one has been an absolute joy.

In our current world of stock 'strong independent female' characters the people he creates are just that: real people, and that makes his work really stand out. Working on a project with him feels like being with family, not just going into the booth to record a job. He's also one of the nicest, kindest people I've met in the industry (which is really saying something!).

Amelia Tyler
Voice artist, actor and motion capture performer


The short time that Giles and I worked together at Guerrilla Games was a pleasure, I found him to be an utmost professional, effortlessly approachable and always eager to collaborate.

He always brings a positive energy and is happy and excited to take on any work that comes up while putting his all into it.

Giles also has a sharp wit and manages to bring solid commonwealth humour to any room you place him in which is always a positive in my book.

Joel Eschler
Principal Producer at Guerrilla Games


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With contributions to more than 50 commercial games in various roles since 2007, Giles is an expert in game writing and story development. To find out more, get in touch.