“Giles is a pleasure to work with, he brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm into a room. He's happy to share his vast knowledge of game writing experience and help everyone on the team level up their writing. He's not precious with his writing and is happy to make adjustments, working hard to find the perfect phrasing. I look forward to working with him again in the future!”

Rayna Anderson
Senior Narrative Coordinator at Eidos-Montréal



“Giles and I set up Talespinners together and his writing was key to our success.

He'll doggedly dive deep into a story to find the emotional core, even if it's non-obvious, and then will do everything he can to reflect that in the characters and dialogue.

He acts as a champion for narrative depth in a game, and will make sure that every word has a layer of polish and nuance. He isn't afraid to make practical changes to a story that will enhance the whole game experience.

And what's more, he's a thoroughly nice chap! I'd recommend working with him.”

Ian Thomas
Partner and Founder of Talespinners



"I worked closely with Giles on the narrative-driven game 'The Descendant' at Gaming Corps, where I was brought in half-way through the project to act as a link between story and design. From day one Giles welcomed my input and had a genuine excitement about hearing new ideas and finding creative ways to incorporate them, which I always found energising. It is such a pleasure to work with someone who is enthusiastic and dedicated to creating the best experience possible and is willing to push themselves in order to achieve it. This was particularly impressive considering the tight deadlines and limited resources we had, but somehow Giles always managed to produce exceptional work within difficult constraints. 

Every idea that we threw at Giles was tackled considerately and intelligently, and I always knew Giles had deeply considered my point of view and how that could entwine with the story, before reaching a final conclusion. As a designer I find this incredibly refreshing and could not ask for more from a writer in this regard. 

Giles has been a fantastic person to work with. Friendly, professional, a very hard worker and a damn good writer. 'The Descendant' wouldn't be what it is without him and he deserves the credit he receives for it."

Alice Rendell
Senior Narrative Designer at Massive Entertainment

Narrative Designer on The Descendant, developed by Gaming Corps



“Giles was a joy to work with during my tenure at Guerrilla. Not only did he provide a valuable, experienced POV during pitch and brainstorm sessions, but I could always rely on him for smart feedback on any of my drafts.

I eagerly awaited him to release a script, as his writing always guaranteed a laugh or strong emotion.

On top of all this, he was keen to make everyone feel at ease. Great guy, 10/10, would work with him again.”

Adam Dolin,
Narrative Designer, Sony Santa Monica

Writer on unannounced project, developed by Guerrilla Games



“I very much enjoyed working with Giles. A highly talented writer, extremely versatile and creative, I was always astonished at how he can produce such compelling writing under tight time constraints while also having the flexibility to support game design in the narrative which could often change at a moments notice. His vivid depiction of scenarios was the perfect inspiration to help me produce some of my best artwork.

A writer worthy of the title, and lovely person to be around. Warm, considerate with a great sense of humour.”

Hassan Abdallah
Lead Artist at Starbreeze Studios

Lead Environment Artist on The Descendant, developed by Gaming Corps



"Freelancing gives you the opportunity to work with a lot of people in a lot of studios. If you're lucky, you make connections with people that stick. Those are the people that you really look forward to working with again in the future. 

Giles is one of those people everyone wants to work with again. Dedicated and hard working, able to communicate well, friendly
and able to make the tough decisions. You won't regret adding Giles to your team."

Iain Lowson
Freelance Writer

Writer on Blue Toad Murder Files, developed by
Relentless Software



"We contracted Giles when we realised our loose idea of a story needed some help to become a coherent and well rounded narrative.

Giles demonstrated fantastic knowledge of story telling techniques, and worked with us to help develop our characters to have real personalities with substance and motivation. Giles was also able to structure the narrative in such a way that it matched the pacing of the gameplay. 

Giles was extremely reliable, quick to communicate and exceptionally professional throughout the contract. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with game narration or story telling!"

Kirsty Rigden
Operations Director at FuturLab
Producer and Lead Designer on Velocity 2X


“The short time that Giles and I worked together at Guerrilla Games was a pleasure, I found him to be an utmost professional, effortlessly approachable and always eager to collaborate.

He always brings a positive energy and is happy and excited to take on any work that comes up while putting his all into it. The feedback I received from others working with him has always been positive and everyone enjoys collaborating and brainstorming ideas with Giles.

Giles also has a sharp wit and manages to bring solid commonwealth humour to any room you place him in which is always a positive in my book.”

Joel Eschler
Principal Producer, Guerrilla Games


“Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Giles on various quests, including brainstorming an in-depth story structure for one of my quests. The result was a narrative work that we were all proud of and that greatly matched and built upon the deep lore of our game.

Giles’ quality of work is impressive. He is a creative, thoughtful and meticulous writer. Moreover, he is able to criticize and improve on his own work and readily accepts feedback, whilst providing astute appraisal of others’ work in a highly constructive manner.

Not only is Giles an excellent writer but he also has great social skills and is well integrated as part of the extended Guerrilla team. He is very approachable and always brings positivity to the table with him.

It was a pleasure to work with Giles and it is a shared opinion amongst the team that he has had a great influence on our work here.

If the occasion was to present itself, I would work with Giles without any hesitation. He will certainly be missed at the studio!”

Caroline Bitterly
Quest Designer, Guerrilla Games



Although Giles and I only collaborated on a handful of occasions, I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a witty and conscientious writer.

In brainstorming sessions, Giles was a pleasure to work with; he was always very diligent about letting others speak their mind, careful not to talk over anyone, and able to easily bounce ideas back and forth with the group. I felt that I was always listened to, valued, and respected. I never once doubted that we were all interested in finding the best version of our work, and it was very natural to keep refining our ideas until we found the ones we were most confident in. Giles is also very aware of the context of his writing, both within the game world he's writing for, and the broader context of his audience. This mindfulness is just one aspect of what sets him apart from the average game dev, and makes him a valuable asset to any team.

In addition to being a solid collaborator, Giles' work is a pleasure to read. He understands the challenges of writing specifically for games and applies that understanding to his work, saying just as much between the lines as he does in them. There's life and joy in the characters he creates, and it's difficult to put down one of his scripts without smiling. If you hire Giles, you can absolutely trust that he'll be bringing an experienced, positive, and thoughtful perspective to your project.

Idris Grey MacChruiteir
Game Designer (Quest), Guerrilla Games



“The team at Ripstone called on Giles and the rest of the Talespinners guys after they were introduced to us by BAFTA and we are very glad we did.

Giles immediately took on board some of the unique creative requirements of our project and from day one was understanding, patient and professional whilst simultaneously working to significantly help us raise our standards with honest feedback and excellent creative insight.

He is a grafter, always delivering on time even when we made difficult demands of him. I'm glad to have met him and worked with him, and hope to work with Talespinners again soon.”

Matt Southern
Head of Development at Ripstone Ltd and Director of Mint Games Ltd



“I've been lucky enough to work with Giles on several games now and every single one has been an absolute joy.

One of the main things that sticks out for me is his ability to write characters that already feel like they're living and breathing when I first pick up the script. They have hopes, dreams, contradictory personality quirks, thoughts that they don't quite finish... and they don't have life completely figured out yet because, in reality, who does? Usually these are elements that I, as an actor, have to subtly try to add as a 'gloss' when performing dialogue but in Giles' scripts these traits are already present, allowing me to delve into a character far more deeply and really bring her to life.

In our current world of stock 'strong independent female' characters the people he creates are just that: real people, and that makes his work really stand out. Working on a project with him feels like being with family, not just going into the booth to record a job. He's also one of the nicest, kindest people I've met in the industry (which is really saying something!).

A+ writering. A+ humaning. Would definitely recommend to a friend.”

Amelia Tyler
Voice artist, actor and motion capture performer



“Performing characters written by Giles is always easy and they are there on the page ready to be bought to life. His writing is often full of the little nuances and arcs that I as a performer need to be able to deliver what the game needs. The intention of Giles's writing is always clear giving any narrative he puts together an inherent strength.

Above all this Giles is a genuinely nice bloke who is not only an advocate for diversity in the industry but also takes time to give back as well. HIRE HIM!”

Jay Britton
Actor & Motion Capture Artist


Further recommendations can be found on Giles' LinkedIn profile.